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Phosphoric Acid Technical Grade

used in the production of various phosphates, metal surface phosphating treatment, preparation of electrolytic polishing liquid and chemical polishing liquid, and used as catalyst, inorganic binder, desiccant and cleaning liquid, for the production of phosphoric acid refractory mud, coating industry Used as metal anti-rust paint.


Zhicheng Chemical Phosphoric acid for industrial use Food grade phosphoric acid

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Product description

Molecular formula: H3PO4
Molecular weight: 97.99
CAS No.:7664-38-2
Content: 75%,81%,85%,95%
Properties: Colorless and transparent, or slightly light-colored, syrupy liquid. Odorless, verysour, melting point 42.35 C, easily soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, can irritate the skin andcause inflammation, destroy body tissues, hygroscopic.


Uses: Widely used in medicine, printing, metallurgy, coating, feed, fertilizer, metal surfacephosphating treatment, water treatment, new energy industries,etc. Details as follows:Pharmaceutical industry:

Used in the manufacture of sodium glycerophosphate, also used inthe manufacture of zinc phosphate as a dental filling adhesive. Used as catalyst forcondensation of phenolic resin, desiccant for production of dyes and intermediates.Printing industry: Used to prepare a cleaning solution for removing stains on offset colorprinting plates.
Metallurgical industry: Used to produce phosphoric acid refractory mud, improve the life ofsteel furnace. lt is the coagulant of rubber slurry and the raw material for the production ofinorganic binder.Coating industry: Used as metal anti-rust paint.Feed industry: For the production of calcium hydrogen phosphate.Metal surface phosphating treatment industry: Preparation of electrolytic polishing liquid andchemical polishing liquid for polishing aluminum products.New energy industry: Used to react with ferrous phosphate to produce lithium iron phosphatecathode materials.


Packing: 22L HDPE drum, 200L HDPE drum, 1000LIBC,ISO Tank.

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